Solar System Design

How to Begin

Solar photovoltaic modules are the place where electricity generation occurs, but they are just one of the many parts of the complete photovoltaic system. For the electricity to be useful in the home or business there must be several other technologies in place.

Learn how much energy you need

This is the most important step, and many people ignore it. Don't!

Planning a solar system without knowing how much energy you need is like planning a trip by car and not knowing how far you are going and which car to use.

Okay, now go buy gas for the trip. What does it cost? Well, it depends on your distance and fuel consumption. The same with solar energy you cannot say that I will opt for 2 solar panels and a battery and I hope it is enough for my needs.

Calculate the amount of batteries required

Now that you know how much energy you need, you must calculate the number of batteries that are needed to store it.

Do you need only enough storage space for one or two days or do you need enough storage battery for 3 or 4 days or more for power?

Do you have another source of energy, such as a generator or a turbine that will work if the sun does not shine?

Will you store the batteries in a warm room or in a cold place?

Calculate the amount of solar panels required for your location and time of year

This will help you calculate the number of solar panels that you will need for your solar

After calculating the amount of energy you need to carry out daily with, you will need to indicate the amount of sunlight available to harvest from. This solar energy available for the sun to the location is called "sun hours".

Select solar charging controller

Well, we have batteries and we have solar energy, now we need a way of managing solar energy in batteries.

An extremely rough calculation for determining the size of a solar charge regulator requires that you take your watts of solar energy and share them with the battery voltage.

Add another 25% for a safety measure.

Select an inverter

Now that we have effectively recharged the batteries, we must use the power. If you are running only DC loads directly from your battery bank, you can skip this step.

But if you are powering AC loads, you need to convert DC power from batteries to an AC power unit for your devices. It is very important to know which type of AC power you need.

If you are in North America, the standard is 120/240V Split phase, 60 Hz. In Europe and much of Africa and some countries in South America, it is only 230V 50Hz.

System Balance

Well, we are kind of cheating by grouping everything else into the final step for balancing the system, but other small components are also needed, including:

Fuses and switches for instant protection

Which breaker boxes will be use

How will you install the solar panels

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